I’ve always been a big guy — short but heavy. I’ve always considered myself “heavy but fit”. I’ve completed marathon canoe races and have twice completed the 150 mile Houston-to-Austin bike ride.

But I’ve also always known that if I could get lighter, I’d be much more competitive and much fitter.

On my 40th birthday (August 20, 2008) I made the decision to take control of my life and get back into awesome shape. And not just awesome shape, but awesome fitness.

So I joined Crossfit Central to help whip me into shape.

This blog is a chronicle of my journey. My intention is to use this blog to track my progress, keep me motivated, and hopefully to inspire other out of shape and older men to also try something to get it back.

Starting off, I am 5′ 7″ and about 274 lbs. I blew out both ACLs while I was in the Army, and have had both reconstructed (back in 1997). Since the surgeries, I have put on a lot of weight and have not run a step.

UPDATE (Feb 17, 2009): 6 1/2 months after starting CrossFit I’m still 5’7″ tall. But I’m down to 248 lbs. About 50 lbs to go.

On my first day of Crossfit, I could not perform a single pull up nor run 400m without stopping.

UPDATE (January 24, 2009): During our I am CrossFit seminar on pull ups, I did two consecutive unassisted kipping pull-ups. Running is still horrendous, but I can at least run more than 400m  now without stopping.

I’ll update this “About” page in a year from now to let you know how I’ve progressed.


4 Responses to About

  1. Chris Stroud says:


    Thanks for coming by on my Crossfit Blog. Looks like you have made a lot of progress so far. Good luck and keeping at it.

  2. StanleyCup99 says:

    Keep it up, big guy. You’re helping guys like me get motivated to get back into it as well. Maybe I will wait for my 40th birthday too though, hahaha. Great job man!

  3. traynharder23 says:

    that’s awesome re: progress! i’m working on my pullups as well!

  4. Adam Parada says:

    adam here, came with kody and justin today. is this the right website? left my phone in his car, do you have kodys # handy. If this is the right site, im planning to go to the tue and thurs class.

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