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CrossFit Central WoD: Kill Those Legs

One of the more brutal WoDs on the legs that I can remember in quite some time — the combination of walking lunges straight into heavy dead lifts was hella-masochistic. I’m still feeling it in my thighs the next Continue reading

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CrossFit Benchmark WoD: CFT

Going into CrossFit Total (CFT), my primary goal is to break 1000 lbs for my total. Which means that I go into the WoD with a goal for each lift that will enable me to get there. Continue reading

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Row and Squat Clean-to-Overhead: Two Great Exercises that Go Great Together

The brutal part of this WoD is that the motion and muscles required to do a good squat clean (drive with the legs, then pull with the arms) is replicated in the rowing part of the WoD. So after you finish hammering out ~2:00 minutes on the erg, you go straight to heavy squat cleans. Continue reading

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CrossFit Central WoD: Jen C

The dead lifts were no problem at all at the weight we were lifting, nor would the overhead presses have been much problem. But those damned cleans got me. Continue reading

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Pull, Push, Burp at CrossFit Central

Still rocking a green band on pull-ups, but making great progress with it…doing up to 20 kipping pull ups at a time on the green band now — despite still weighing in at 250 lbs. I don’t think I’ll be doing RXd pull ups during WoDs until I’m under 220 lbs, though. Continue reading

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CrossFit Garage Gym WoD: St. Paddy (Again)

I wanted to see if I’ve made any progress on this WoD, so 5 months later, I gave it another shot. My time today was a bit more than a minute faster, finishing in 17:50. Also, I did the more difficult resistance band pull-ups instead of jumping pull-ups…so all the better. Continue reading

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CrossFit Central: Birthday WoD

Today is my 41st birthday, which means “Birthday Burpees” at CrossFit Central. Instead of our normal warmup, we all (much to the consternation of my fellow athletes) got to do 41 burpees instead. Continue reading

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