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CrossFit Central: Birthday WoD

Today is my 41st birthday, which means “Birthday Burpees” at CrossFit Central. Instead of our normal warmup, we all (much to the consternation of my fellow athletes) got to do 41 burpees instead. Continue reading

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CrossFit Central WoD: Pull ups and Med Ball Cleans

I mention the heat and the humidity because I was sweating like a whore in church during this WoD, which made the med ball cleans tough, as I was having a hard time holding onto the med ball after just a few reps. Continue reading

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CrossFit Central WoD: OH Squats and Box Jumps

I was one of only two men in class who used the prescribed weight, and finished about 2 minutes in front of the other (the other two guys in our class were using the women’s RXd weight of 75 lbs). Continue reading

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CrossFit Central WoD: Double the Fun

We were lucky enough to get two WoDs for the price of one today at CrossFit Central. Continue reading

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Crossfit WoD: Jump and Row

During this morning’s Crossfit Central WoD we did a little sweet interval training. Continue reading

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I am CrossFit WoD: Run, Jump, and Push

I completed 4 full rounds with 10 seconds to spare. Which I felt was a pretty good effort for me. Very few and very short breaks. Really tried hard on those vertical jumps. Despite the fact that this white boy really can’t jump. Continue reading

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CrossFit WoD: Shoulder Burn

Burnt my shoulders out something serious. Though I wimped out and only used a 20kg KB, as my form and control of the one-handed push presses was bad. Still had a smoking workout, though. Continue reading

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