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CrossFit Central WoD: Double the Fun

We were lucky enough to get two WoDs for the price of one today at CrossFit Central. Continue reading

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CrossFit Wod: Lots of Squating Exercises

I was a little bit afraid when I saw the number of squating motions exercises that Zach had put together for this morning’s 5:30 a.m. CrossFit Central WoD Continue reading

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I am CrossFit WoD: Run, Jump, and Push

I completed 4 full rounds with 10 seconds to spare. Which I felt was a pretty good effort for me. Very few and very short breaks. Really tried hard on those vertical jumps. Despite the fact that this white boy really can’t jump. Continue reading

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Under the Bridge: Free Crossfit Workout

A lot of people got a first hand taste of a typical Crossfit bootcamp style WoD, and thousands more stopped to watch from the bridge and jogging path. Watching 110+ people doing deep squats in unison is pretty cool. Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Day WoD

So I grabbed my 20 kg (44 lb) Kettle bell, a sit up mat, and my stop watch and headed to a hidden gem in Austin’s park system, Common’s Ford Ranch (a 255-acre park down on Lake Austin). Continue reading

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Crossfit WoD: Angie

Had to scale the pull ups (jumping pull ups), and still took 21:29 t finish. Best in our class (as prescribed) was 15:42. Continue reading

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WoD — Run, Push, Pull

I finished last today at 21:34 minutes. The winner (good job Kerri) finished in just over 16 minutes. The second to last person beat me by a full minute. Continue reading

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