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CrossFit Central WoD: Pull ups and Med Ball Cleans

I mention the heat and the humidity because I was sweating like a whore in church during this WoD, which made the med ball cleans tough, as I was having a hard time holding onto the med ball after just a few reps. Continue reading

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CrossFit Garage Gym WoD: Shoulders

Great shoulder burnout WoD this afternoon in my garage gym Continue reading

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CrossFit WoD: J.T.

I used rsistance bands for the handstand pushups (just a medium green band)…which is much harder than using the plyo box to prop up your legs…and just one step away from learning to do them as prescribed. Continue reading

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Crossfit WoD: Annie

I used jump rope (singles) as part of my warm up last night for my Crossfit WoD, which was the first time I’ve attempted to jump rope in more years than I can remember. So, I’m still not up to double-unders, so I subbed double the number of singles for the double unders (did 100, 80, 60, 40, 20 singles instead). Sit ups were un-anchored and as prescribed. Continue reading

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WoD: Pullups and Snatches

Rick and I knocked out 9.25 rounds in 14 minutes. About avg. in our class — though Daniel and Ryan completed 16.25 rounds. Impressive. Continue reading

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WoD — Run, Push, Pull

I finished last today at 21:34 minutes. The winner (good job Kerri) finished in just over 16 minutes. The second to last person beat me by a full minute. Continue reading

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WoD: Dead Lifts

Today’s Workout of the Day at Crossfit Central was 30 bodyweight + 1/2 Dead Lifts for time. Continue reading

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